additions to our ukas schedule

We continually strive to add to our UKAS scope and are pleased to confirm we are now accredited for IEC/BS EN 60335-2-30 and 60335-2-43. These particulars for household and electrical appliance standards are for room heaters, and clothes dryers and towel rails respectively.

IEC/BS 60335-2-30 deals with the safety of electric room heaters for household and similar purposes, covering appliances such as panel, fan, convector and radiant heaters. This standard considers that appliances may be used by non-expert users for housekeeping functions in shops, hospitality environments and farm houses.

We often test clothes dryers and towel rails, the standard for which being IEC/BS 60335-2-43 and so are particularly excited about this being added to our UKAS scope. This standard also covers appliances not intended for normal household use but may still be a source of danger to the public, such as in shops.

We have an extensive UKAS schedule, covering EMC, Safety and Environmental testing, details of which can be viewed by clicking the logo below. UKAS ‘check the checkers’ and our services and processes are inspected, tested and certified, giving our customers assurance that we are technically competent and our results are accurate and reliable. During our latest UKAS audit in April 2022, we are proud to have received great feedback about our team and our facilities.