assisting you with global product certification

A brief overview of how we can help

In addition to our comprehensive testing facilities, we are able to offer a range of services to support the certification of your product to enable entrance to worldwide markets. This includes:

- UKCA for Great Britain

- CE marking for Europe

- NRTL marking for North America and Canada

- ILAC MRA and CB testing for global markets

NRTL Certification

Cranage EMC and Safety offers a Nationally Recognised Testing Laboratory (NRTL) certification service in the UK, in conjunction with Metlabs. An NRTL mark, under federal law, is required on products used in workplaces in all states. The MET Listed Mark for product safety, just like the UL Mark, is accepted throughout the United States & Canada and indicates that the product has met the minimum requirements of the applicable safety standard(s).

In preparation for exporting to North America or Canada, you will need an accredited test report which includes appropriate country-specific deviations. Cranage offers UKAS accredited testing (no. 1833) for a wide range of products, and for products used in the workplace, and we create a specific report for the Metlabs NRTL to review and approve.

Acting under the authority of Metlabs, our NRTL Certification Agent will conduct an initial factory review, which includes a quality programme assessment and a review of the build process of a product. Cranage is authorised, by Metlabs, to perform the periodic factory inspections required to validate the product's continued compliance with safety standards, and maintain your NRTL certification and approval.

Our Metlabs agreement means that we are able to control the whole process of testing and submission for NRTL certification, as well as factory inspections, making the process smoother and easier for manufacturers.

UKCA and CE Marking

Following the UK's exit from the EU, Cranage EMC and Safety is now a UK Approved Body (no. 2583). Our wholly owned Irish subsidiary, Cranage Veritas, is a Notified Body (no.2839) against the 2014/30/EU EMC Directive. This means they have been designated by the EU to assess products for conformity and can assist with the CE marking process.

Together with Cranage Veritas, we can assist you with a complete service from design conception, to pre-compliance and full product evaluation, including ensuring documentation and the Technical File is in compliance with the regulations for the appropriate country.

It is a Manufacturer's obligation to create a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) after testing, which forms part of the Technical File, and our product certification team can offer advice and support on the content of these for both the UKCA and CE mark.

Worldwide market entry

A UKAS accredited report under the ILAC MRA agreement, provides test data from a test lab that has been assessed by an independent accreditation body. This serves as recognition in meeting international standards of competence. An accredited ILAC report is a globally recognised system, promoting free trade and reducing worldwide technical barriers.

Cranage EMC and Safety is a signatory of the ILAC MRA scheme, meaning we can assist you in getting certification for global markets.

CB Testing

Through Cranage Veritas, our Local Technical Representative Engineer (LTR) can provide CB product testing at the client premises throughout Ireland and the UK. CB testing is an international system allowing for the recognition of test results and certificates for electrical and electronic components. More than 50 countries take part in the scheme throughout the world, including Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Japan.

The skills and experience of the LTR have been assessed by the National Certifying Body and accepted into their process for providing on site CB testing , this process follows the strict rules and guidance of the IECEE.

The reports that are prepared by the LTR are reviewed by the Notified Certifying Body (NCB), Eurofins North America, and a CB certification and test report is issued. Using our CB product testing services will help you gain entry to the countries signed up to the scheme around the world.

Get in touch with our team who can assist with the country specific requirements and discuss your project.