Electrical product safety testing is important in both expected and unexpected ways

From the point of view of the human user of a given electrical product, it should barely need to be emphasised why electrical product safety testing is a critically important process.

Electricity, after all, can and does kill and severely injure people. It can also pose serious risks of harm to animals, and can cause major damage to property. A given user will rightly be expected to take sensible precautions to guard against such risks.

However, such a human user should also be able to expect the electronic devices they use to have been designed and manufactured in accordance with the very highest safety standards. Extensive product safety regulations have been put in place around the world, to help ensure this is the case for every new electrical product someone uses.

Indeed, the legal obligation to achieve compliance with such safety standards is a big part of why organisations like Cranage EMC and Safety are approached about electrical product safety testing.

But there are many other strong reasons to arrange for the safety testing of your new products

While electrical product safety testing is certainly of critical importance for ensuring day-to-day safety and legal compliance so that the given item can actually be sold in its intended market, there are certain other benefits this process can bring. These include:

• The role testing can play in improving technical documentation

Our electrical product safety testing service doesn’t only involve the inspection of the electrical equipment itself; the associated documents, including instruction manuals, will be scrutinised as well.

There will be certain safety information that needs to be included in the instruction manual for the end user, and a thorough testing process will help make sure this is the case.

It can lead to improvements to the product design

Over the course of the electrical product safety testing process, you might find that you gain new and valuable insights into your product.

While the principal focus of such testing will always be on how to make the device safe, as the approval process continues, you might see opportunities to optimise the all-round design of the product.

When the testing laboratory is accredited, this will give further peace of mind

Did you know that Cranage EMC and Safety has a Schedule of Accreditation issued by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), covering a wide range of electrical safety tests?

The accreditation of a particular electrical product safety testing service is far from a mere “nice to have”; it provides assurance that the given testing is carried out in the right manner, by the right people. This, in turn, will give you the peace of mind of being able to trust the testing results, which you can also be sure will be accepted by the relevant authorities.

To learn more about every aspect of our electrical product safety testing processes at Cranage EMC and Safety, please don’t hesitate to make an enquiry to us today, or to request a quote.